Team Building

An area of business, which is showing a rapid increase in growth for the lodge, and which is becoming more and more popular with businesses and schools; Both in Malawi and internationally.
Our courses usually last for three days, however they can be altered to suit client needs.

Who Shares, wins...

The Corporate Teambuilding Course

The course is designed to develop a co-operative spirit through a range of practical problem solving activities for teams. We foster the uninhibited communication of creative ideas, and trust within the team.

Practical challenges are led by George Wardlow, and are complemented by discussions and training in interpersonal skills led by Celia Swann. The atmosphere is relaxed at all times, with socialising and leisure time at the clients requests.

What do we offer?

  • Three day duration, adaptable to suit the client organisation.
  • A recommended number of between 10-20 clients.
  • A preliminary assessment will be held with the organisation to assess the nature of the training needs.
  • A course handbook will be given on teambuilding skills which can be used for reference.
  • Assessment of individual performance, according to client requests.
  • Certificates are awarded on completion of the course
  • Consultants evaluation of the impact of the course, after an interval with recommendations for further professional development.

A Problem shared is a Problem halved....

Course Aims:

The main objectives of the teambuilding course is to cover the following areas:

  • Creative problem solving in practical situations.
  • Group planning and decision making.
  • Confidence building and taking the initiative.
  • Effective communication skills
  • Turning differences into advantages for teamwork using assertive techniques.
  • Discovering personal strengths, including the potential for leadership
  • Motivating other to achieve more.
  • Developing a deeper commitment to organisational goals.