About Malawi

Malawi "the warm heart of Africa" is half way between South Africa and Kenya. A land locked country it is bordered by Tanzania in the North and East, Zambia to the North West and Mozambique to the South, East and West. Malawi is mountainous with high plateau's lakes and flood plains these features give it its physical character, it forms the southern end of the African rift lake valley.
The highlands of Malawi are cool, malaria free and often protected areas where you have wonderful views, wildlife and varied habitat. The combination of mountainous landscapes and lakes merged with the colours and scenery of Africa make Malawi a wonderful holiday experience.

Lake Malawi "the lake of stars" comprises about a fifth of the countries land mass, and stretches through most of its' Eastern border's The lake is fresh water and has around 700 - 800 species of fish found nowhere else in the world. With long stretches of golden beaches clear water and beautifully set lodges it goes hand in hand with an African safari and adventure experience.